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Lumbar Supports - D, 4" & 5" Rolls

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Type: 4''
Colour: Black

The Lumbar Rolls are made from high density orthopedic foam, designed and manufactured in the UK for over 40 years this product supports your lumbar region and counteracts slouching when sitting at home, the office or in the car. 

The Lumbar Rolls are good for counteracting slouching in most seats and are firm lower back supports.  They are made from superior 50 grade foam for extended durability.  Suitable for the home, office or car.
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
  • British Made.
  • Reduces pain in back
  • Helpful for osteoporosis sufferers
  • Helpful for people with collapsed spine
  • Supports lower back for long journeys
  • Eases back pain and helps with posture

    Available with Velour Cover in Black, Blue, Grey or Beige.

    Choose from the 4'', 5'' and D- shape lumbar rolls.

    4'' : 4'' diameter (cylinder shaped) L30cm x W10cm (12" x 4")

    5'' : 5'' diameter (cylinder shaped) L30cm x W12.5cm (12'' x 5'')

    D Shape : Semicircle in shape (4'' max depth) flat surface rests against back of chair). L30cm x W10cm (12'' x 4'')

    Include adjustable fixing straps.