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Life size Replica Terracotta Clay Warrior 180cm

Original price £1,727.99 - Original price £1,727.99
Original price
£1,727.99 - £1,727.99
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Type: Officer
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Full size replica warriors in 180cm size. Available as general, officer, infantryman, cavalryman, archer and soldier; please ask for current availability. These pieces are all around 180cm high except for the kneeling archer at 125cm and all have a fine dusty clay coating.
Dimensions (l x b x h)
Standing: cm x cm x 180cm approx
Kneeling: cm x cm x 125cm approx

Terracotta clay

Dark Grey

120kg estimate

Wooden Crate

Other / Care / Cleaning Instruction
Dry duster only. Washing will remove dusty coating. As the low-fired terracotta remains absorbent, we cannot recommend keeping these figures in a location where they will get wet. Figures should be painted or sealed if they are to be kept outdoors.